Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Listed below is an update regarding the current number of students and employees quarantined or documented as being positive.  The numbers also include released students and teachers.  Currently, there are 5 active instances of quarantine and 3 positive cases (5 in quarantine and 3 positive cases). 

Overall, the District has experienced 87 total cases with 67 placed in quarantine due to close contact and 20 positive cases through the first eleven weeks completed regarding the 2021-2022 school year.  

We will continue to provide an update on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 678-3373 (office), 229-0277 (cell) or email


Billy Redus

Totals for the Year-2021-2022


Employees-Quarantined-0, Positive-1 (1 Released)

Students-Quarantined-17 (17 Released), Positive-4 (4 Released)


Employees-Quarantined-0, Positive-1 (1 Released)

Students-Quarantined-22 (20 Released), Positive-5 (3 Released)

Junior High

Employees-Quarantined-0, Positive-1 (1 Released)

Students-Quarantined-3 (3 Released), Positive-1 (1 Released)

High School

Employees-Quarantined-0, Positive-0

Students-Quarantined-25 (22 Released), Positive-6 (6 Released)

Central Office

Employees-Quarantined-0, Positive-1 (1 Released)

Overall for the District

Total Cases (Both Quarantine and Positive)-87

Total Positives-20

Total Quarantines-67

Current Cases

Active Positives-3

Active Quarantines-5

Released (Both Quarantine and Positive)-79